Procurement Planning notes


Revised and Updated Procurement Planning Pdf notes for Certified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya (CPSP-K) Examined by Kenya Institute of Supplies Management. Can also be use for any other Procurement and supplies course in certificate, Diploma and Degree level.

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Topics covered in Procurement Planning notes

Topic 1: Overview of procurement planning
Topic 2: Role of market survey in procurement planning
Topic 3: Elements of a procurement plan
Topic 4: Priorities in procurement planning
Topic 5: Procurement cycle
Topic 6: Forecasting in procurement planning
Topic 7: Characteristics of demand
Topic 8: Budgeting as an element of procurement planning
Topic 9: Strategic procurement planning (SPP)
Topic 10: Forecasting techniques for dependent and independent demand
Topic 11: Planning for disposal of stores, equipment and other assets
Topic 12: Emerging issues and trends in procurement planning

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